About Us

After the White Revolution, the dairy products have become an inseparable part of human lives and their availability has also increased exponentially. And people have also become aware of the importance of dairy products. In order to cater to dairy products need, Asmi Dairy came into existence.

Asmi Dairy offers a wide range of products such as Milk, Ghee, Butter and Paneer, etc. We are offering these quality products range in their purest forms. Due to these characteristics, we are known as the best dairy in Meerut.

Having requisite knowledge of this sector, its director, Alok Dutta Prowiz Mansystem Pvt Ltd started it with his full potential. As a result, Asmi has attained a good market exposure within a very short time span. And its popularity is rising at a rapid pace. Most of the credit goes to its proprietor Mr. Alok Dutta's farsighted guidance and leadership. Under his expert supervision, the dairy is spreading its wings and broadening its potential customers as well as market.

It has its own plant unit that is equipped with all types of required machinery, materials and other amenities. For the successful implementation of the operations, the company has employed the skilled professionals of the industry who are strived for playing their parts with dedication and professionalism. All these resources back this dairy unit in fulfilling all kinds of dairy products(milk, ghee, paneer and butter) need as per the customers’ need and current market demand. Due to varied features, our products are demanded by a large chunk of people for their daily dairy products need.

When it comes to price, our products range is available at a very reasonable cost. So, you can leverage our best quality dairy products easily here in Meerut.


Meerut City lies 70 Km North East of the National Capital (New Delhi). As of 2011, Meerut is the 33rd populous urban agglomeration and the 26th most populous city in India. It ranked 292 in 2006 and is projected to rank 242 in 2020 in the list of largest cities and urban in the world.

Weather: Meerut has a monsoon influenced humid subtropical climate characterized by hot summers & cooler winters. The maximum day temperature varies from 46.1°C in June to 29.3ºC in January. The minimum night temperature varies from 0.1ºC in February to 19ºC in August. Monsoon arrives in late June and continues till the middle of September. Average monthly rainfall in 70.42 mm and humidity varies from 30% to 100%.

Objective & Proposed Business

  • To provide Fresh & Pure milk and Milk Products to our customer by maintaining quality standards.
  • To ensure production and availability of high quality milk producing animals in the State.
Proposed Business
  • Sale of Milk
  • Sale of Milk Products (e.g. Ghee, Paneer, etc)
  • Trading of Cattle/Calves in their 1st or 2nd Lactation Period
  • Sale of by-product i.e. Fertilizer, Urine , etc
  • Sale of Bull sperm (to develop as semen bank)